Lost in History – Susanna Jackson – White is back -SAINTS, STRANGERS and ROSEHIP TEA


In every major event in history, women were there too. Susanna Jackson was just a girl from Scrooby Manor.  Her father’s involvement in the Separatist movement started Susanna’s journey to Amsterdam, the Mayflower, and finally settling in Plymouth, Massachusetts 401 years ago. A founding mother is rediscovered.

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     MILDRED ACES and EIGHTS (Book 5) Available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Barnes&Noble 

The Ivory Winds Casino closes to a mysterious hack. Once home Mildred Petrie realizes she can’t sit and wait. She cruises the retirement community and meets Opal Best and her little dog Jimmy Olsen. They walk the hidden path to the cemetery, no telling what Jimmy might dig up.

MILDRED DOUBLES DOWN: On the Edge of a Storm (Book 4)  Available on Amazon 

Janice was the glue that held them together, and now she is gone. Mildred scores a luxury suite on a Caribbean cruise and the surviving threesome gathersJanice was the glue that held them together, and now she is gone. Mildred scores a luxury suite on a Caribbean cruise and the surviving threesome gathers to scatter the ashes and celebrate their lifelong friendships with over two thousand strangers, a Girl Scout Troop, and a mysterious man.

Mildred In Disguise: With Diamonds (Book 1)

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Toni Kief, author of Old Baggage, is excited to introduce a new work of fiction – and another feisty older woman, Mildred Petrie. Mildred sat in the human resources department at the casino, painfully aware of her age compared to the other applicants. She had assumed after a long marriage that they would settle into a comfortable retirement, but when her husband died it all changed. Little did anyone realize the loss would lead her to a life of corruption, crime and disguise. Only Mildred can find the truth! A thrilling read in sensible shoes.

Mildred Romancing The Odds (Book 2)

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In the year since she was hired by the Ivory Winds Casino, Mildred Petrie’s life has transformed. She may be over seventy, but Mildred isn’t lying down any time soon. Her nights are filled with challenge and adventure, but there are even more changes to come.

Mildred Raising the Ante (Book 3) 

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It has been nearly two years since Mildred Petrie’s life made a change. It was a job of desperation which she needed to survive since her husband’s death. With her team of misfits, she continues to fight crime on behalf of the Ivory Wind’s Casino.


Dare to Write in a Flash

Learning and Fine Tuning the Art of Writing

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I didn’t start writing at a young age like so many authors. But once introduced I joined a group and so that everyone had a chance to read we wrote flash fiction from prompts. So far, from that group 18 books have been completed.

Dare to Write in a Flash: Learning and Fine Tuning the Art of Writing. A gathering of short Flash Fiction stories by Toni Kief, prompts, plus room to create. Offering tools and encouragement to struggling writers. Sharing inspiration and creativity. Story-telling started around a fire, then to cave drawings, quills, pencil, and today – technology. All of us are gifted with imagination, but few are motivated to create.  Inspiration floats everywhere, but the drive to develop it to a manuscript is special. “I want to write.” How many have released that wish to the universe? The intent of this book is to move from wish to success. The necessary tools aren’t always obvious but begins with reading. You can read hundreds of books, classes, workshops, and groups, but most of all doing it.

Old Baggage

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It took most of her life, but Elizabeth Donovan has finally had enough. Years of a difficult marriage, she has finally fought back. She had no choice but to leave the life behind and face the secret from her youth. The old life doesn’t want to let go, as she stumbles into the mystery that involves her deeper than she ever could imagine. Old Baggage is the overdue coming of age for a woman learning to stand on her own.

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