A grandmother not remembered

Lives in my face.

The green of my eye

The cut to the jaw, she survives.

A grandfather times many greats

Gambled on a lovely lass.

I share her laughter

And harbor his recklessness heart.

Little did they know a single incarnation,

Would survive past a hopeless era.

A crease on my forehead

Flat bone to my nose

Memorializes histories survivors.

The clan displays your genetic persistence

Yet innocent of the timeless membership

In a most forgotten tribe.

Journeys didn’t end with death,

Immortality whispers from an age of stone.

Family lives in honor of unknown ancient suffering

Building generations to a modern age.

Etched in strangers expressions

Continue with hushed connections,

Spilling stories often retold.

I share a voice – a face – DNA from the time of before

I, the last twig, of a branch concealed in many limbs

A small slice of a vast family tree.