LIFE –Three Acts



Act One Scene One
Welcome to the world amazing phenomenon. You are the cutest, smartest and most perfect baby ever. A bundle of infinite possibilities, wide open, thirsty for knowledge finding wonderment in all that surrounds you. They believe you will be president, cure illnesses and stop wars. You are so precious they want to save your first poop in a pastel colored album. The big people have plans for you, so be careful. You are wrapped in pink or blue for the ride home and it all begins.

Scene two –
You astonish everyone as you learn at an incredible pace. In no time at all, you are laughing and touching the world all within your reach. You make the soft big person so happy when you utter the sounds of ma-ma, and she sticks a bow on your head. The big loud guy loves it when you say dada and he throws you into the air. You are pretty sure you can’t fly, but he believes you will. The third word you learn is NO.
They seem so proud, as long as you go where they want when they approve, they build new rules every day. She talks about your cute little outfits, but you would rather not bother. The clothing is important pay attention; it is part of your facade.

Act two
The thought of school is frightening, but you are ready to go. Pencil box, notebook and new clothes ready as you run into the next act. Be sure that you have all of the accoutrements of a proper pink or blue, “they” are watching. Telling stories, running, drawing, solving mysteries, if doesn’t fit, don’t worry people who know nothing will convince your controversial self that you aren’t good enough. Like a ship sailing around Humiliation Island you just want to fit-in and avoid crashing onto the rocks. So bury pieces of your unique wonder deep inside, you will have time later. While you are at it, be sure answer the teachers with what they want to hear. You don’t want to cause any trouble, and you need that grade. Here is hoping you are the genius they are looking for, because if your not-well never mind.

Act three
Time has gone by so quickly. You married, worked, saved; you mastered the masks that meet your expectations of a society that doesn’t always agree. As the conclusion of the final act approaches you sit alone trying to inventory how it all happened. Wonder, just for a moment “If I didn’t care so much about them, would I respect me now?” In this day and age, there are almost unlimited possibilities, but with that comes exaggerated expectations. Stop looking backwards at the opportunities you missed or threw aside, those choices can’t be changed now.
In reality you fulfilled a self-imposed role. No more pink or blue now you are wrapped in the invisibility of Ben Gay, but it isn’t too late. You remember where your childhood brilliance is buried, pull out that amazing self and strut it. “They” forgive the old almost as much as the young. You really only have to influence one person to change the world. It’s that easy.




By Toni Kief


No longer the spectator

Nodding on the side

Silently angered

Fueled by a drive


Battle for rights

Hand to your vest

Black marker prepared

Draw signs of protest


Sensible shoes and cozy hat

Confident of age old demand

Ready to walk, aching to run

We gather to make a stand


Demands expose personal grief

Sisters and Misters temper a rage

Messages of love and promise of peace

We each take the stage


Passion in the parking lot

Marching in the street

Freedom’s messengers

In a unified beat.