My day #7 action on I AM A WRITER – I’m Toni Kief a writer. I write OA (old adult) crime, humor, and just released a historical fiction. I never knew I would love writing, I often joke that I do it to stay away from taverns. I came to it in my 60s never considering it until I was dared. In my work, I celebrate the brilliance and power of we crones. This year I will finish my 5th book in the Mildred Unchained series and plan to do more on women’s lost history.

I have been called a multitude of names, spoken hopefully and, at times, angrily. My name is inspiration. I have visited everyone who has ever lived upon this earth. It is a constant surprise who heeds my messages. Today I took the form of a dragonfly, and you almost missed me so caught up in the daily mess of life. There are many who claim to love me most, and you beg and plead for an idea, a hint, a story. I am all around you in extraordinary forms. Stop begging and I will help. I know you want a book, but a story will do. All original stories live in your genius. Now it is time to shut up, turn off the news, the computer, and dance with the blank page. Waltz, tango, cha cha cha, until it spills from your fingers and surprises us all. I will continue to fly just above your head, out of reach, but I’m not to be clutched, I crush too easily.