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Mildred Unchained

The unexpected series

Mildred Petrie’s retirement plans . Part time job at the casino is more than a discount at the buffet.  A thrilling read in sensible shoes.


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Part one in the Mildred Unchained Series

Mildred’s life is all settled down, not! Crime at the Ivory Winds Casino continues and life changes not according to her plans.


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Second in the Mildred Unchained series.

More crime at the casino only Mildred can resolve. Her personal story takes a turn towards a new future. 


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Book 3 Mildred Unchained

The crimes are bigger and personal. Family helps as more questions arise and old ones are answered.


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Book 4 of Mildred Unchained and the Bermuda Triangle 

A cruise with lifelong friends, Girl Scouts, and a mysterious man. What could go wrong? By the way, there is a hurricane too.


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Historical Fiction

Discovering one of the women of history. Susanna Jackson-White/Winslow one of the few survivors to make it to the “first thanksgiving” and part of the discovery of the America we know. 


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OLD BAGGAGE, Never too Late for a New Beginning 

Libby has had enough. She kicks the door open, faces her darkest secrets and runs toward a life of her own.


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A gathering of short Flash Fiction stories by Toni Kief, prompts, and room to create. Offering tools and encouragement to struggling writers. Sharing inspiration and creativity.                                      

Learning and Fine Tuning the Art of Writing

Daring to Write in a Flash

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DETOURS and DESTINATIONS – 10 Flash Fiction stories from the years with the Writer’s Kickstart of Snohomish WA. These are all about moving forward one way or another.


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TASTING EVIL  Tasting Evil

Short stories from many of the members of the  Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest – Just a little horror in your day. 


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HOLIDAY SAMPLER from The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest

Holiday Sampler
Sweet Stories for the Holdidays