Speaking Out and Being Heard


In the atmosphere of #Metoo I have gathered some individual stories. One of the most interesting things I have learned, is nearly every woman I have spoken to, has a story.

The first submission is from Peggy Schmick. She told me, I could use her name: “I don’t care. It was a long time ago.”


I had just gotten divorced and was very lonely and he could sense that. He was kind to me at first and we were together for about 2 years. It was after the first six months that his true colors actually came out and then quite frankly I was afraid to leave. It took fear for my children to give me the strength to go. The only time I could get up the nerve to confront him about his actions was when he showed aggression towards my daughter.
He hit me once and broke my nose I was 8 months pregnant.
The second time, I told him on the phone that I didn’t want him to come around anymore. He showed up at my door with a gun and pointed it at me while I was holding our son. I set the baby down so that if he shot me he would miss the boy. He turned the gun around and pistol whipped me. I couldn’t stand up for 3 days and he went fishing like everything was okay now.
His mistake was in his loss of control, I became more aware of my own power and what I could survive.

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