Inspiration, where does it come from? I have no idea.

This past two weeks, I searched for ideas for a clever cute little fiction full of questions suggesting possibilities based on our prompt. One night to go, and I struggled to sleep the entire night looking for the elusive inspiration. I have already written about sleepless nights, so that angle was redundant. Searching for the one word to spark my mind and sets my keyboard on fire.

Zip, Nada, nothing.

I shouldn’t complain, I published a book last week, I worked on another and helped Celena with research and voice on her big project. I posted for a writing cooperative and marketed my books on multiple groups. I posted three reviews on Amazon, one book and two other purchases. A political meeting, three social interactions, marketing gathering and visited five book stores and 7 grocery stores in an attempt to advertise an upcoming author event. (I’ll hand out invites now). I need to get a regular job, just to have a 15 minute break during the day.

Yet, I complain that inspiration has abandoned me. What is inspiration and where the hell is she? In a fit of desperation, I looked it up. Inspiration comes from the Latin, to take in air, breathe, maybe Wednesday. I literally need the figurative meaning. The spark, magic, the stimulating idea that moves to action, I’d be pleased with a trite revelation.

Pondering, and walking about, I’m stuck. Inspiration has played with me before but she seems to have left me tossing and turning, utterly alone. I don’t have the vision without the magic. Reduced to begging I don’t know what else to do.

Sweet inspiration, illuminate my mind, share a vision and I will honor you with a page, maybe ten, and an interpretive dance if that pleases you.