Darkest Part of Night


Creeping through a sleeping house

In my wool socks and Yoga Tee.

The world is blessed with slumber

Except for exhausted me.

Lying still with eyes pressed

Mind reeling with disjointed thought.

To haunt lonely corners the drowsy sneak

Bargains for an hour of dream .

Everyone else slumber s in peace;

No appreciation of good fortune

Until they pad the dark with me.

Why does slumber elude me so?

I truly love her best.

Those she caresses appreciate not

and the one she spurns is obsessed.

Here I am in the soundless house

Where even the termites rest.

Dressed the part, and hopeful

That fortunes will turn and reset.sleeplessThis week @USCD

2 thoughts on “Darkest Part of Night

  1. Sometimes, although part-waking
    I cannot quite rise
    but must endure the nightmare
    that plays before my eyes.

    Each person thinks the other somehow
    has it better,
    truth to tell
    each is bound with his own fetter.

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