The Author...Toni Kief

The Author…Toni Kief has released her newest work, Old Baggage today.  Available on Amazon.



An accidental nomad,Toni doesn’t mean to move every five years, just can’t help it.  She believes firmly that anything life hands you is worth it, if you get a story. Midwestern by birth, Northwestern by choice, group facilitator by default, she keeps one eye on the horizon. She raised other women’s children who puzzled her,but they never failed to make her proud. The first woman in Florida to break into an industry’s occupation, and witnessed the slow evolution towards equality. Toni never slept with Mick Jagger, but marched for civil rights, shared bread with icons of politics and art. None have successfully told her how to vote, although some tried. Known as the first to show up with a casserole, she will donate 50 cents of her last dollar to a worthy cause. The last to let you cry, drink or laugh alone, she gathers stories prime for embellishment. Writing has taught her inspiration without perspiration is just a good idea. Toni continues to struggle towards an honest voice, 500 words at a time.

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  1. Claudia

    I have been cleaning out (among other things) the attic and I came across old scrap books. Since you are an author, I thought before I burn them, that they might bring back some positive memories and provide you with some more material and a few laughs. Also a few old pics from Minnesota. Let me know by email


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