Starting the Bansee Dinner -Colcannon



There are as many Colcannon recipes as there are homes in Ireland!!!

In the Midlands, colcannon is called “thump”. In the north and western parts of Ireland it is called champ. To tell fortunes on Halloween, a ring and a silver coin were mixed into the colcannon…whoever got the ring was soon to marry and whoever got the coin would be wealthy.  Who ever choked on the ring would meet the banshee. 


1 – 1/2 lb Irish potatoes (well duh)

Some of the best potatoes are bakers or Yukon golds.

Salt& pepper

2 cups of shredded or chopped cooked ham

1 head of steamed cabbage coarsely chopped

1 cup (plus or minus) of chopped carrots

1 cup of milk or light cream

2 cup leek chopped green onions will substitute

1 tsp mace

1 big ole glop of butter

 Cut the potatoes into 2 inch cubes and boil in generously salted water until fork tender.  While they are cooking steam the cabbage and the chopped leeks.  When the potatoes are done drain, but leave some of the liquid in to begin mashing. As you mash the potatoes blend in the milk, mace and salt and freshly ground pepper until the potatoes are creamy as you want them.  Stir in the vegetables and the ham. 

This is the ultimate comfort food.  It can be served as a side dish, a guilty little pleasure or potato pancakes can be made with the leftovers.  It is also lovely to make patties of the colcannon and top with an egg and bake. 

 You can not go wrong. You can add most anything that keeps your banshee happy. 


2 thoughts on “Starting the Bansee Dinner -Colcannon

  1. Candy (Baldes) Knippenberg

    Missed you at the reunion. I just finished “Old Baggage”. Our teachers would have been proud of you.
    It kept my interest even while the Cubs were playing in the background.
    I keep in touch with lots,of classmates. We had dinner with Jim and Lynn Couch last night. Pam Couch and I are great friends.
    I see SueAnn each time I go back to see my mom.
    Keep writing; I love reading.

    • tonikayk

      Thanks Candy. I appreciate the support and encouragement. I didn’t get to the reunion, we had a three day book event, and I had to chose. I really appreciate Facebook, and making contact with people from so long ago, I don’t like it when friends disappear. I was living in a smaller town near this small town, and decided to contact everyone from our class in Washington. Darn if Barbara Vericker lived in the same town. We made it to a couple of reunions together. I get to see her often. I also found out that Dan Brooks also lives nearby and I made contact with him. I’ve got Jim Coleman, and Doris Larsen to follow up with.

      My second book just came out in the past couple weeks. It is called Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds. Another scrappy old woman.

      Thank you again for the encouragement. Toni

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